The Nearmap MapBrowser is web-based map interface. You can use MapBrowser to make virtual site visits, compare changes over time and see information about a location.  

This guide introduces the New MapBrowser and MapBrowser Classic, including their features and tools. 

Before you start

Learn how to log in and to switch between New MapBrowser and MapBrowser Classic.

Find out browser requirements and troubleshooting if you have a proxy server.

New MapBrowser

"New" MapBrowser is Nearmap's flagship web app. Designed for smooth navigation on both desktop and mobile devices. It is more fully-featured than MapBrowser Classic.

Find out how to:

MapBrowser Classic

MapBrowser Classic is our legacy web app.

Read bout the the Australian and US versions of Classic MapBrowser, which differ slightly from each other.

You can't view or export 3D or AI content from within MapBrowser Classic.

Tools in both New and Classic MapBrowser

Viewing Nearmap Imagery

Compare imagery from two dates, view roadmaps, Google Street View, and more.

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