Create compelling site plans

We've listened to your feedback, and learned that many of you have been using the Polygon tool to create site plans and layouts, but have been frustrated with creating perfect right-angled shapes.

That's why we've launched the new Rectangle tool, to give you even more options to create the perfect site plan!

Here's how it works

Align objects by rotating the map

Press and hold the option key (Mac) or alt key (Windows) while you click and drag the map with your mouse.

Draw the rectangle

Draw the rectangle, and double-click to finish the shape.

Adjust the position

Use the Rotation field in the inspector panel to change the degrees and rotate the shape into position. 

Rectangle or Polygon?

The Rectangle tool is perfect for measuring regular shaped objects, like swimming pools, sporting fields and other flat structures.

If you're measuring or plotting out irregular structures and areas, use the Polygon tool.

In conjunction with the  Text tool, both of these features can help you create detailed site plans and layouts to scale.

Check out the Additional Resources below to learn more.

Additional Resources