Integrating Nearmap Imagery into Blue Marble Geographics' Global Mapper 15.2.8 Using WMS

These instructions apply to Blue Marble Geographics' Global Mapper® 15.2.8 and describe how to load georeferenced Nearmap imagery using Web Map Service (WMS).

Rather than import a single image of a small area, this allows Global Mapper to request the imagery directly from the Nearmap server in a variety of map projections. 


To consume Nearmap imagery via WMS, you must first create a Simple or Custom WMS Service, which generates a URL for you to copy to your computer's clipboard. Once you have done that, you can conveniently paste it into your application as required.

For more information, check out the WMS 2.0 Integration documentation.

Loading Imagery

  1. Open Global Mapper and click Download Free Maps/Imagery from Online Sources. You can also open the File menu and select Download Online Imagery/Topo/Terrain Maps...

  2. Click Add New Source...

  3. Click OK.

  4. In the Server URL field, paste WMS URL you copied to your clipboard earlier.

    Click Get List of Available Data Layers.

  5. Select a layer. Each layer corresponds to one survey.

  6. Different surveys are available in different map projections, which are shown and selectable in the Projection to Use field. The optimal one is usually the first listed. Select image/jpeg for the Image Format. Althoughimage/png has slightly higher quality, it is rarely worth the performance and data cost. Then click OK.

  7. Choose a category for the Nearmap imagery, if desired, and click OK.

  8. In Select Area to Download, it's usually best to leave Entire Data Source Bounds checked. Then click Connect.

Your map should now be loaded.