AI Feature API

Our new Gen 3 AI content is accessible via our new AI Feature API. Use the AI Feature API to query any of the data attributes in the AI Packs that are part of your AI subscription.

All you need to provide is a polygon for your Query AOI, an optional date range, and your Nearmap API Key.

What is AI Feature API good for?

AI Feature API is ideal for:

  • Distributed AOIs
  • Large data sets
  • Regular updates
  • Real-time access


To access AI Feature API:

  • you need AI credits
  • you must be subscribed to at least one AI Pack
  • your user must be enabled by the administrator to use Nearmap AI, including the AI Features API.


AI Feature API

AI Feature API Getting Started Guide - A Jupyter Notebook that walks you through practical examples.

Generation 3 AI Content

We are happy to announce a new and improved generation of our AI content which comes with the following features:

NEW AI Packs:



Note that Gen 3 content is currently available via three methods:

Gen 3 is not yet available through MapBrowser export.


Gen 3 data coverage is currently the same as our Gen 2 data - approximately Spring 2020 for the USA and the latest data as at December 2020 in Australia. Ongoing processing is run to ensure coverage of all flown surveys from this point forward. Additional coverage may be published from time to time at customer request.


Generation 3 AI Content