The AI Feature API allows you to retrieve a small Area of Interest (AOI) from our vector map that exists for our AI content. You can use your Nearmap AI export credits to extract a single building at a specific location to the  AOI enclosed by a property, or even a small neighbourhood. All you need to provide is a polygon for your Query AOI, an optional date range, and your Nearmap API Key.

In this section, we will cover:

Why AI Feature API? 

The AI Feature API allows programmatic access to Nearmap AI for Gen 3 content and beyond. You can use the AI Feature API for:

  • Distributed AOIs: If you have a number of small areas of interest that are distributed broadly rather than clustered in a contiguous region. For example, assessment of property parcels for an insurance carrier.
  • Large data sets: If your AOI crosses multiple regions, it is best to use the date query in the AI Feature API. This allows you to extract the latest result available for each property regardless of the survey regions to which you require access.
  • Regular updates: For customers who continuously update their data set in a transactional way, the API can be used to automate this rather than relying on a user to frequently export via MapBrowser.
  • Real-time access: Customer-facing applications that require real-time retrieval of Nearmap AI content are well suited to API access. Because all our AI content is pre-processed, the time taken to retrieve the results is typically faster than on-the-fly AI processing systems.

Illustration of defining a Query AOI (outlined in red) on our vector map, and returning some of the features and attributes. The data necessary to visualise the shapes and metadata within the Query AOI is all included in a single API payload.

Accessing the API

If you already have access to the relevant AI Packs, and an appropriate number of Nearmap AI export credits, all you need to do is ask your account manager to add the "AI Feature API" product to your subscription. This leverages the shared Nearmap AI credit balance and AI Pack configuration - just think of it as an additional way to access the data to which you have already subscribed.

To use any of our Nearmap APIs, you need an API key. Learn how to get an API key here: API Key Authentication.

Getting Started Guide

The Getting Started Guide is a Jupyter Notebook containing python code and informal documentation to help you get up and running as quickly as possible. It explores a range of common tasks, and provides a useful base of algorithms and 3rd party packages that may help software developers who do not have a geospatial background to get started quickly with simple tasks such as calculating areas and distances between objects.