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Search for a location by street address

To search for a location by street address:

  1. In the Search bar, type the address you're interested in. Be sure to provide as much detail as possible to make your search term unambiguous.
  2. Click the Search icon.

The MapBrowser zooms to the street address you specified and places a green Location pin on the map. Click the pin to reveal more information about the location.

Go to a set of latitude and longitude coordinates

You can search for a location by latitude and longitude coordinates in decimal degrees. Here's an example that demonstrates the format:


To search for a location by latitude and longitude coordinates:

  1. In the Search bar, type an @ symbol.
  2. Enter the latitude and longitude coordinates in decimal degrees, separated by a comma. Remember to use a - symbol in front of your longitude coordinate for the western hemisphere.
  3. Press the Search icon.

The MapBrowser zooms you to your specified location and places a green Location pin on the map. Click the pin to reveal more information about the location.

Searching using coordinates

You can search using latitude and longitude by entering the coordinates into the search box, preceded by an @ symbol and in decimal format without notation.

North or East coordinates are positive, and South or West coordinates are negative.

Hence, to go to 27.57 S and 153.31 E, your search term should be: @-27.57,153.31.


To find a specific location and get to that part of the map quickly, select the magnifying glass tool, type your search query into the search bar in the upper left, and click the Go button. This feature will only work for countries that you have PhotoMaps™ access for.

Latitude/Longitude Search

To go to a specific latitude and longitude, enter the coordinates in decimal format preceded by the @ symbol as follows:

@-28.008090, 153.433736

Note that Northern Hemisphere coordinates are positive and Southern Hemisphere coordinates are negative. Likewise, Eastern Hemisphere coordinates are positive and Western Hemisphere coordinates are negative. Online converters from degrees/minutes/seconds to decimal format are available, for example:

While you can search for coordinates without the @ symbol, the search will attempt to find the closest known address to that location, rather than going to the exact coordinates.

Address Search

For best results, format your search in this order: street number, street name, suburb/city or postcode, state. For instance:

Hint – providing the suburb with the street name, will return more accurate results. For example ‘Smith Street’ is a broad search whereas ‘Smith Street, Dianella’ is a very narrow search so the results will be more accurate. If there are several potential options for an address, these will appear below the search bar for you to choose one.
If you would like to explore a suburb, type in a suburb name into the find bar on the map page and you will then be presented with a PhotoMap centered on this suburb. If this suburb name exists in different states, the search results will provide you with options to choose from and you can select which one to view. For example, there is an Epping in both Victoria and New South Wales, Australia.
Places of Interest

This feature provides a way to quickly navigate to a particular attraction you want to check out. Included in our search index are many tourist attractions, zoos, stadiums, universities, places of worship and more. You can type in the name of a landmark like “Sydney Olympic Park” or “Cinderella Castle" and our find feature will take you there. This search generally will not locate businesses.