You can access all the tools from the Toolbar on the left of your screen. Hover over an icon in the MapBrowser to see the tool name:

Measurement Tools


Use the Line tool to measure the distance between two points.


Use the Path tool to measure the length of a path with multiple points.


Use the Area tool to measure area and perimeter of a polygon.


Use the Circle tool to measure area and radius of a circle.


Use the AutoTrack tool to pan along the length of a path.

Site Planner

Use the Site Planner tool to add to Nearmap imagery to-scale representations of real-world objects, such as water tanks and cranes.

Layers Manager

Use the Layers Manager tool to:

Volume Estimation

Use the Volume Estimation tool to estimate the volumes of pits, mounds, and excavations.

Save PhotoMaps

Use the Save PhotoMaps tool to export (save) Nearmap imagery as a jpeg file or a georeferenced jpeg file.


Use the Property tool to see information about a property, provided by Hometrack.


Use the Location tool to


Use the Solar tool to plan out a solar installation directly on our high-resolution imagery.


Use the Layers tool to view a range of public information, such as boundaries and demographics.


Use the Rail tool to view rail lines.


Use the Print function to print from Nearmap imagery.


Use the Help functionality to go to Nearmap support, legal and feedback.