Turning on JavaScript

JavaScript support must be enabled on your web browser in order to use Nearmap's online map portal.

Note: Java and JavaScript are NOT the same. They are completely different and independent, so changing the settings for one does not affect the other.

The following site is not associated with Nearmap, but maintains helpful instructions for enabling JavaScript: http://www.enable-javascript.com/.

Identifying JavaScript Errors

In certain cases Nearmap may request information about potential loading errors. If requested, please follow these steps: 

  1. The steps in this document will result in a brief capture of network activity on your computer, which could cause unintended private information to be sent to Nearmap. In order to minimize this, please ensure that no other tabs or windows in your Chrome browser are open while conducting the following steps.
  2. Use Google's Chrome browser.
  3. Start logged out of our online MapBrowser.
  4. Either press F12 to open Chrome's developer tools, or access them by right-clicking anywhere on a webpage and selecting Inspect Element.
  5. In the lower window that appears, switch to the Console tab.
  6. Login to the MapBrowser. If a specific action is necessary in order to see the issue we're diagnosing, please do that action.
  7. The white space in the lower window may indicate an error in red.
  8. Please email us a screenshot of the whole browser window.