If you have purchased the Nearmap ImpactResponse product as part of your subscription, you'll be notified by email when new imagery is available, including a link to the relevant locations and survey dates.  You can view this imagery in the new MapBrowser during the embargo period. After the embargo period, you can view the imagery in the new MapBrowser and in MapBrowser Classic.

Post-catastrophe surveys can be identified in the Coverage API. You can use the Include and Exclude parameters to filter on tags. Tags are additional metadata attributes available for a small number of surveys that are flown after select events. While each tag must have a type and a name, you can filter on any or both type and name. Post-catastrophe captures are tagged with type “disaster” with the name corresponding to the nature of the event, e.g. “hurricane”, “tornado”, etc. The include and exclude parameters only filter on tags, not on any other metadata.  For more information, see Filter Surveys.