Your AI export includes both a parcel rollup and a geopackage. The table below outlines the contents of each content type that is exported.

Parcel rollup (csv)

Vector Layer (shapefile)

usageEasily accessible spreadsheet with summarised information.Specialist geospatial software required to consume rich information such as the shape of a building footprint.

CSV file with the following columns:

  • Unique parcel identifiers:
    • in Australia: GNAF-PID
    • in the US: Parcel APN
  • Link to address in MapBrowser
  • Centroid of the parcel itself (lat and long)
  • Attribute name and whether it is present (Y) or absent (N)
  • Confidence score for each attribute.
    • Survey date.
ZIP file containing: .dbf, .prj, .shp and .shx file
approx download sizeRefer to the examples below as a guide