1. Head to Projects Zone and create a NEW PROJECT then enter the address – it'll default to residential.
  2. If you want, you can enter contact details. Then click CREATE & DESIGN and you'll land in Studio Zone with the address imagery loaded.
  3. Now make sure you are in Full Design Mode.

    You can only access 3D design in Full Design Mode. If you can't remember how to do this, check back in on Module 3 - Design with OpenSolar.

    As your project loads, you’ll see the oblique thumbnails and the vertical thumbnail across the bottom (as we’ve seen before).

  4. Now activate OpenSolar 3D by sliding the toggle. When you do this, three things happen:

    1. A 3D DSM model loads, if the address is in our 3D coverage area (You can check our 3D coverage areas using the interactive coverage map on our website. Go to nearmap.com/coverage)
    2. You see the DSM thumbnail alongside the other thumbnails.
    3. The system advisory model is enabled. The System advisory model, or SAM, is a software model for renewable energy systems. It calculates energy output differently from the standard OpenSolar interface.