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MapBrowser includes a tool you can use to draw and measure a line, path, area, and radius. 

This guide includes the following sections:

New MapBrowser

Measure the length of an object or path using the line tool. Measure the area of an object or space, or find the radius using the measurement tools.

Display or hide measurement labels:

Please refer to Height and Width Tools to learn how to measure height and width using oblique imagery.

MapBrowser Classic


The MapBrowser's measurement tools use appropriate local representations of the Earth's surface and are typically accurate to +/- 15 cm for distances up to 200 m. To use the Line feature:

a. Click the line tool icon to open the Line panel.

b. Position the cursor at the location you want to start your measurement and click once - this drops a marker to show the starting point. While you're drawing the line, you can still click and drag the map to pan.

c. Move the cursor to another location and click again to drop another marker at the end of the distance you want to measure. Note that you can measure as many 2-point distances as you like, but they are not cumulative. The bearing will update automatically when the line is completed.

d. You can choose to display the distance in different units, including metric or imperial.

e. You can choose to Show inline measurements by clicking the corresponding checkbox - this will display the value on the line itself.

f. When you are done, just close the toolbox and resume exploring the map. The line you have measured will remain visible.

g. To review a distance you had measured, simply click on the measured line and the measurement dialog will reopen, showing the length of the selected line.

h. You can click and drag the starting or ending control points to reposition them – the measurement will update automatically.

i. To remove the selected measurement object click Delete or the trash can in the panel. 

j. To remove all measurement objects, click Clear.








The MapBrowser measurement tools use appropriate local representations of the Earth's surface and are typically accurate to +/- 15 cm for distances up to 200 m

With the measurement tools, you can:

  • Measure the length of a straight line
  • Measure the length of a path composed of multiple lines
  • Draw a polygon on the map and measure its area and the length of its sides
  • Draw a circle on the map and measure its area and radius

Here's an example using the Line tool.

  1. From the Toolbar, click Measure.
  2. Select Line
  3. Click once on the map to place the starting point of your line.
  4. Click a second time on the map to place the endpoint of your line.
  5. Check Show inline measurements to display measurements on the map.
  6. Click the Units dropdown to change the units to feet, miles, etc.
  7. Click inside the Line color text box to select a different color for your measurement line.

  • The length and bearing of the line you placed on the map are displayed in the Line measurement tool panel. These values update each time you place a new line on the map.
  • You can repeat the process as many times as you want. If you close the Line panel to resume panning and zooming, the measurement lines you placed will remain visible.
  • You can re-open the Line panel for any line you placed on the map by clicking and selecting it.
  • To reposition an existing line, simply click and drag the starting and ending control points; the measurement will update automatically.
  • To delete one measurement object, select it, then click the trash can icon.
  • To delete all measurement objects, click Clear.
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