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Nearmap Panorama and Nearmap Oblique provide a 45-degree angle view of a location. 

Accessing Panorama and Oblique imagery

For all customers, Panorama and Oblique imagery are available in the New MapBrowser, with specific Nearmap subscription offerings.
For customers in Australia Panorama imagery is also available in MapBrowser Classic.
You can access the New MapBrowser easily from MapBrowser Classic. Simply click on the account menu and select Go to New MapBrowser”.

A new browser tab will launch and you will be shown the imagery for the location you were browsing previously, at the same zoom level.

Nearmap Panorama

Nearmap Panorama imagery offers a 45-degree angle view of a location. Similar to our Vertical imagery, you can continuously pan around an area of interest and zoom in for more detail.
You can view Panorama imagery for each cardinal direction of the location using the compass tool.

Viewing Panorama Imagery

Use the Compass tool to switch to Panorama imagery, in the following ways:

  1. Compass list, or
  2. Cardinal directions

1. Compass list

In the New MapBrowser select the drop down list above the compass and select 'Panorama':

US                                       AU                                       

Note: The AU version of the compass includes the Terrain option.

In MapBrowser Classic to view panorama imagery, select the Panorama option from the view mode: 

Note: Panorama in MapBrowser Classic is available for AU customers only.

2. Cardinal Directions on Compass

Click on any of the cardinal directions on the compass to quickly switch to a North, South, East or West Panorama for the current location.

NewMapBrowerClassic MapBrowser (AU)

Note: For US customers Panorama imagery is only available in the New MapBrowser.

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