Adding a layer to Nearmap images is currently possible in MapBrowser Classic using KML and KMZ files only, please refer to the Data Layers in MapBrowser Classic guide.

However, if you wish to use those or another format (TAB, SHP, etc.) there are three ways to accomplish this if you have appropriate GIS/CAD software:

1. For Nearmap subscriptions that include the Save Image tool, you can use this to download a JPG image with a JGW georeferencing sister file (also known as a world file). These can be loaded into many GIS/CAD software packages. Once the images have been loaded, you can add layers over Nearmap imagery using whatever overlay tools are available in the software package.

2. For Nearmap subscriptions that include WMS (Web Map Service) access, you can connect GIS/CAD software directly to a Nearmap WMS or Tile API (Tile Map Service) server and feed in the imagery. You can then use whatever overlay functionality the software provides. Please see our GIS and CAD Integration guides for platform-specific instructions.

3. Nearmap imagery can be incorporated into Google Earth or Google Earth Pro via these instructions. Google Earth can incorporate several different overlay formats.