What is Digital Elevation Model?

DEM/DTM gives you bare earth elevations which allows you to preform surface analysis.

Surface analysis is used over larger areas to understand the contours of a site and is useful for slope analysis and flooding analysis.

In the US, this content is called DEM (Digital Elevation Model) while in Australia it's referred to as DTM (Digital Terrain Model).

DTM content has the same high frequency, coverage and accuracy as our current camera captures (accuracy 28cm horizontally and 40cm vertically for bare earth areas). We are constantly working to improve the overall model and reduce unwanted artefacts.

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How do I get DEM/DTM?

You can now export DEM (in the US) and DTM (in Australia) directly from MapBrowser in GeoTIFF format. The file is made up of pixels containing bare earth elevation values and is fully integrated with other Nearmap content types, allowing pixel-to-pixel alignment with Nearmap DSM and True Ortho.

DEM/DTM is available for export from within MapBrowser with any 3D subscription (make sure you have 3D export enabled for yourself) and can be imported into common CAD and GIS applications. Instructions for these will follow soon.

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