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What is OpenSolar?

OpenSolar is an application that provides a simple, fast and powerful tool for solar professionals, available online as a cloud-based app.

The application uses fast and accurate SolarTouch design technology to create beautiful proposals in seconds, it includes roof geometry on obliques, it provides a modern, digital experience for your customers, with multiple system and finance options, online sales tools and digital product content, plus beautiful configurable PDF proposals. 

OpenSolar is a full end-to-end business management toolkit, with CRM to drive business efficiencies, scale and profitability, and is suitable for both residential and commercial uses.

What is Nearmap on OpenSolar?

Nearmap on OpenSolar is a complete design plus sales toolkit that makes communicating the value of solar easier with accurate, beautiful designs supported by Nearmap premium imagery.

Nearmap brings incredible accuracy to your solar designs, allowing you to streamline the sales cycle and prove the ROI to your customers with precise energy output calculations and persuasive, beautiful proposals. It is based on Nearmap's high quality aerial imagery that captures detail unseen by satellites, and at a scale that’s simply unachievable with drone photography.

Nearmap on OpenSolar gives you superbly clear, reliable detail at every step, from design to proposal to permitting to installation.

Note: If Nearmap on OpenSolar is not currently part of your subscription, please contact a Nearmap Account Manager about the Nearmap on OpenSolar add-on.

Nearmap on OpenSolar Guide

This guide includes all the information that is specific for Nearmap on OpenSolar users, and includes the following sections:

OpenSolar Help Center 

OpenSolar's Help Center provides information on all the functionalities of OpenSolar, including an Orientation Video, the structure of the application, the different zones of the application, and FAQ.

Nearmap on OpenSolar Page Layout

This is what you will see the first time you log in to Nearmap on OpenSolar:

1) Search

Use the search box to search for an address or a contact within your projects. 

2) New Project

Click on New Project to add a project. Please refer to How to Create a New Project in OpenSolar's Help Center.

Note that as a new user, your account is created with sample projects that are restricted to your country.

3) Settings

When you click on the Settings icon you will see the following three options:

  • Support & Feedback - clicking this will take you to OpenSolar's Help Center
  • Settings - clicking this will take you to a configuration screen:

    The configuration screen allows you to login to Nearmap, to update your personal details, and to view the user agreement and privacy policy.
  • Logout - clicking this will log you out of the application

4) Projects

Click on Projects to go to the Projects zone. The Projects zone includes everything you need to organise your clients and installation projects.

For the complete guide on the Projects zone, please refer to Projects Zone in OpenSolar's Help Center.

5) Studio

Click on Studio to go to the Studio zone. The Studio zone includes in-depth overviews on how to make the most of OpenSolar's powerful design software.

For the complete guide on the Studio zone, please refer to Studio Zone in OpenSolar's Help Center.

This is the only part of the OpenSolar application that is affected by the Basic Design mode, as explained in detail in the Basic Mode Studio Zone section.

6) MyEnergy

Click on MyEnergy to go to the MyEnergy section of the application. MyEnergy is the end-customer-facing section, where you can view the interactive proposal.

For the complete guide on the MyEnergy section, please refer to MyEnergy in OpenSolar's Help Center.

7) Control

Click on Control to go to the Control zone. The Control zone will teach you how to set up your modules, organise your team. This is also where you configure your pricing settings and add customised content and company information and much more. Please note that only an Admin can access the Control section of OpenSolar.

For the complete guide on the Studio zone, please refer to Control Zone in OpenSolar's Help Center.

8) Help Center

Click on Help Center to go to OpenSolar's Help Center home page.

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