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Nearmap provides access to its vertical imagery via a subset of the Tile Map Service (TMS) protocol. TMS splits a map into a pyramid of 256x256-pixel map tiles at multiple zoom levels. An application typically downloads a collection of adjacent tiles to cover a given region.

Only the Web Mercator projection is supported by Nearmap’s TMS (EPSG:3857; also known as EPSG:3785 and EPSG:900913). Nearmap’s Web Map Service (WMS) is recommended for other projections.


Access to Nearmap imagery is only available to authenticated subscribers. Tiles may be requested from Nearmap servers with an API Key. Please refer to the API Key Authentication guide for details on how to obtain and use an API Key.

TMS URL Request Format

TMS is designed to be accessed by an application in an automated fashion via URL requests. We recommend that you use a mapping framework designed to consume tiled maps, such as Google Maps JavaScript APIOpenLayersLeaflet, etc.

PhotoMaps imagery (called tiles in this documentation) may be requested by URLs in the following formats:

The following parameters may be specified: 

RCRegion code - Examples: au or us. Note: the region code for New Zealand is also au.yes
NUMBERDomain rotation number. Valid numbers are 0-3.yes
xX tile coordinate (column)*yes
yY tile coordinate (row)*yes
zZoom level (highest resolution is typically 21) *yes
nmlMust be set to vyes
nmdDate, in the format YYYYMMDD - for example, 20151031.
  • If specified, and imagery at that location at that date exists, the request returns the imagery.
  • If specified, and imagery at that location at that date does not exist, the request returns imagery of the closest previous date.
  • If not specified, the request returns the latest imagery.

See Getting a list of surveys by date for a location for instructions on retrieving options for setting this parameter.
excludeMust be set to background. Used to exclude tertiary satellite imagery when Nearmap imagery is not available. no
versionMust be set to 2yes
httpauthWhether the tile server should prompt for HTTP Basic authentication. Set this to false (as we no longer support HTTP Basic authentication).yes
apikeyYour API Key. See API Key Authentication.yes


* The tile coordinates are explained in Google's Tile coordinates documentation.

 A typical URL would be: 



Getting a List of Surveys by Date for a Location

URL Format


URL Parameters 

RCRegion code. Either us or au. Note: the region code for New Zealand is also
NUMBERDomain rotation number. Valid numbers are 0-3.0
llLatitude and longitude of the location on which to centre the image in the format LAT,LONG37.334849,-122.008946
zImage zoom (web mercator zoom). Has to be 18.18
nmqMust be set to INFOINFO
nmfMust be set to jsonjson
httpauthWhether the server should prompt for HTTP Basic authentication. Set this to false (as we no longer support HTTP Basic authentication). false
apikeyYour API Key. See API Key Authentication.A325BF1343...

Survey Date Lists in JSON Response

The JSON response contains a set of lists of dates for which vertical imagery is available at the given location. The dates are presented in an array with the label "Vert". 

Example for a US Location


    "coverage_status": "full", 
    "area_type": null 

The values are timestamps formatted using ASP.NET AJAX date format. The numeric value inside the parenthesis is number of milliseconds since epoch - January 1 1970 UTC.

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