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Page: I can see AI Layers. Why can't I export them? Unknown User (josie.vangerwen) Jan 29, 2021
Page: I can’t see some of my layers or measurements on the map, or my objects disappear as soon as I draw them Vidya Sunder Feb 16, 2022
Page: I deleted my project - can I restore it? Vidya Sunder Feb 16, 2022
Page: I have connected wrong OpenSolar account with Nearmap. How can I fix this? Unknown User (josie.vangerwen) Feb 23, 2021
Page: I have placed the panels incorrectly, how can I move or change the angle or azimuth? Unknown User (josie.vangerwen) Feb 23, 2021
Page: I recently joined my business as an employee, and need access to Nearmap. How do I get access? Unknown User (josie.vangerwen) Feb 25, 2021
Page: I want to retrieve imagery for an area larger than 100 metres. Can I do this with the DSM API? Unknown User (josie.vangerwen) Mar 01, 2021
Page: I'm concerned about your imagery and my privacy Unknown User (josie.vangerwen) Mar 05, 2021
Page: I've signed up for Nearmap on OpenSolar. What support will I receive? Unknown User (josie.vangerwen) Mar 21, 2021
Page: I've worked through the Get up and Running series and still need help Vidya Sunder Oct 20, 2021
Page: If we create many areas, does it have a performance impact? Unknown User (josie.vangerwen) Mar 01, 2021
Page: Imagery looks different at different zoom levels Unknown User (josie.vangerwen) Jan 14, 2021
Page: Is downloading an existing export output counted against my allowance? Unknown User (josie.vangerwen) Feb 21, 2021
Page: Is it possible to filter post-catastrophe surveys using Nearmap APIs? Unknown User (natasha.ridley) May 12, 2021
Page: Is the radius I specify in DSM and True Ortho a true radius ? Vidya Sunder Oct 06, 2021
Page: Is there a file size limitation on the KML/KMZ that can be uploaded to MB? Vidya Sunder May 30, 2022
Page: Is there a limit to how many projects I can have? Unknown User (josie.vangerwen) Jan 12, 2021
Page: Is there a way to know what is the date of the latest imagery? Unknown User (josie.vangerwen) Mar 01, 2021
Page: Is WMS 2.0 more accurate than what I am currently using? Unknown User (josie.vangerwen) Feb 28, 2021
Page: Issues with getting the Google Earth Super Overlays integration to work Unknown User (josie.vangerwen) Mar 01, 2021