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Nearmap ImpactResponse captures high-resolution Vertical imagery in the aftermath of natural disasters that have significant impact on property, infrastructure, and communities.  Customers in Australia and North America who have subscribed to the Nearmap ImpactResponse product receive priority access to the latest post-catastrophe surveys, initially for a limited period referred to as the "embargo period" after which the surveys are available to all customers with a valid Nearmap subscription. 

The ImpactResponse product is also has previously been referred to as  as the Post-Catastrophe program. 

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Post-Catastrophe ImpactResponse Program - North AmericaPost-Catastrophe

ImpactResponse Program - Australia


ImpactResponse Events Defined

Nearmap uses a range of criteria to determine which events are captured under the Post-Catastrophe program. Events are assessed based on inputs such as the scale of impact to communities, infrastructure, and property, and the geographical areas affected by the event. Due to the variability of these types of events, Nearmap assesses each on its own merits based on the criteria below. For example, a significant hurricane that is officially declared a lower category than stated may still meet other Nearmap criteria for capture.

Refer to the Post-Catastrophe ImpactResponse Program - North America  for further details on the events and criteria used to assess the survey program in North America.

Refer to the Post-Catastrophe ImpactResponse Program - Australia for further details on the events and criteria used to assess the survey program in Australia.

Accessing Post-Catastrophe Surveys

Once you have subscribed to the Nearmap ImpactResponse product specific to your region, you will receive priority access to post-catastrophe imagery in MapBrowser for the embargo period relevant to your product. For more information, see  How to Access Post-Catastrophe Surveys .


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