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Once enabled, you can access Nearmap imagery in ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS for Desktop. Click here for information in regards to adding Nearmap imagery from your ArcGIS online account to ArcGIS for Desktop.


 ArcGIS Online is not Nearmap product, and as such any support you may need should be directed to Esri. Check out ArcGIS Online's support documentation at:

Topics covered in this document:


  1. Go to

  2. Sign in with your ArcGIS Online organization account details:

  3. At the Search for apps and data search box, type "Nearmap":

  4. From the search results, click one of Nearmap US PhotoMapsVertical Imagery for United States imagery, Nearmap AU PhotoMapsVertical Imagery for Australian imagery, or Nearmap NZ PhotoMapsVertical Imagery for New Zealand imagery:
    Image RemovedImage Added

  5. Click Buy:
    Image Removed
    Image Added
    Note: clicking buy does not charge you anything.

  6. Complete your details, review the license agreement, and when you're ready, click Submit:

  7. A confirmation message appears. Click the link to return to your console:

The status of your request is will be visible in your My Requested Items list:
Image Removed.

You will receive confirmation when your ArcGIS Online organization account has been provisioned with access to the Nearmap imagery. The Nearmap item will then be available in your list of Purchased Items, accessible from the My Console screen in your Esri ArcGIS Marketplace account.


For information on creating a group, please see the ArcGIS Online documentation.

  1. From your ArcGIS Marketplace Console (, select My Apps & Data.
    Image Removed

  2. From the Nearmap listing, click View Item.

  3. You will be prompted with a dialog box asking that you share this item within a group. Check the group you want to share with, and click OK.

  4. You should then be directed to the Nearmap item page. Click the Open in Map Viewer and confirm that Nearmap imagery is loaded correctly.