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Nearmap's WMTS integration exposes our tile API, which is actually Google-style TMS. More information about our Tile API is available in our Nearmap TMS IntegrationTile API guide. Please note that Nearmap's WMTS imagery is only available in Web Mercator projection (EPSG:3857).


Depending on your application, you may need to provide either one of both of the below URLs to connect to Nearmap imagery.

ParameterUS & Canada Endpoint
Capabilities URL
Tile URL template{z}&x={x}&y={y}&version=2&nml=Vert&client=wmts_integration

ParameterAU & New Zealand Endpoint
Capabilities URL
Tile URL Template             {z}&x={x}&y={y}&version=2&nml=Vert&client=wmts_integration

The tile URL templates contains parameters enclosed in braces. The exact values of those differ from application to application, in most cases they are referred to as X, Y, and Z. Sometimes they are also called Row, Column, and Zoom or Level. Please consult your application documentation for details on how to configure the WMTS URL Template.

Below is the table that describes the most common parameter names:

Nearmap Parameter NameOther Application Names
Yrow, tilerow

col, tilecol

Zzoom, tilematrix, level


Nearmap's APIs, including WMTS, use and API Key in the URL for authentication. See API Key Authentication for details.