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The table below shows the various actions that consume data on different Nearmap platforms.

What about viewing the raster layers in AI? - Richard Barnett

Classic MapBrowserNew MapBrowserNearmap on OpenSolar

Zooming and panning around at zoom level 14 and above, regardless of monitor size ◊(tick)(tick)(tick)

Larger monitor size ♦(tick)(tick)(tick)

Selecting another survey date - viewing 2D imagery(tick)
Selecting a date to view from the date dropdown box

Exporting 3D content


Exporting AI parcel data


Solar reports(tick)
typically less than 1MB per report

Consuming Nearmap imagery via an integration such as WMS, ArcGIS Online, Tile API and KML (Google Super-overlay)


DSM API - consumes by transactionN/AN/AN/A


But once you are zoomed out below 14, no matter how much panning or how big your screen is, we won't count data.

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What does not consume data?