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  • Latitude and Longitude are given in decimal degrees format
  • Zoom level is based on the web map tile
    • 21 = 3” GSD, 20 = 6”, 19 =12” etc.
  • Rotation is the number of degrees from north
  • Mapview indicates the imagery layer
    • V (Vertical base layer)(Roads base layerVertical 
    • N/S/E/W - North/South/East/West Panorama 
    • O - Obliques
    • M - Roads
    • T - Terrain (where available)
  • Survey date YYYYMMDD
  • Photo Resource ID | Photo ID - indicate the Oblique image that is selected and displayed. The Photo Resource ID | Photo ID will only be shown in the URL when viewing an Oblique photo. This is not part of the URL structure when viewing other imagery.

Rotation, Mapview and Survey date are optional values.  If they are not present, the view will default to 0 degrees rotation, vertical base layer for the latest available survey.