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This guide includes the following sections:


Table of Contents

About Data Usage Calculation


What is data usage based on?

For imagery usage your data usage is measured in bytes of Nearmap proprietary aerial imagery viewed.

These activities do consume data:


For AI parcel data your usage is measured in numbered of parcels downloaded.

What consumes data?

Consuming Nearmap imagery via an integration

  • such as WMS, ArcGIS Online,


These activities do not consume data:

How Much Data Will I Consume?

A typical virtual site visit consumes about three megabytes of data on a high resolution monitor.


Data allowance


Virtual site visits


250MB per month


Up to 20 per week


1 GB per month


Up to 80 per week


4 GB per month


Up to 320 per week


10 GB per month


Up to 800 per week


25 GB per month


Up to 2000 per week

Screen Resolution and Data Consumption

The larger your monitor, the more data you use at each step. With a screen resolution of 1024x768 you will typically consume less than a megabyte per virtual site visit. On a larger HD screen (1920x1080 pixels) you will typically consume three megabytes per site visit.

You can reduce your data usage on a large screen by not running your web browser at full screen size.

This image illustrates the impact of window size on the amount of image data downloaded.

Image Removed 


  • Tile API and KML (Google Super-overlay)


  • NOTE: The DSM API - consumes by transaction.

Consuming data on different Nearmap platforms.

Classic MapBrowserNew MapBrowserNearmap on OpenSolar

Zooming and panning around in 2D at zoom level 14 and above, regardless of monitor size ◊ ♣(tick)(tick)(tick)

Larger monitor size ♦ ♣(tick)(tick)(tick)

Selecting another survey date - viewing 2D imagery ♣(tick)
Selecting a date to view from the date dropdown box

Exporting 3D content


Exporting AI parcel data


Solar reports(tick)
typically less than 1MB per report

◊ Once you are zoomed out below 14, no data is consumed, no matter how much panning or how big your screen is.

♦ The bigger your monitor, the more tiles you can fit in view and therefore the more data you will consume.

But once you are zoomed out below 14, no matter how much panning or how big your screen is, we won't count data.

Image Added      Image Added

♣ 2D usage still applies if you are viewing a roads or streets layer on top of your Nearmap imagery.

In New MapBrowser Roads Overlay is accessed by right-clicking the location pin
In Classic MapBrowser a roads layer is displayed by clicking the Street Maps button.

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What does not consume data?

The area you're viewing has no Nearmap coverage when:

a dialog at the bottom of New MapBrowser tells you there is no coverage
on New MapBrowser the imagery has a here watermark
on Classic MapBrowser the imagery has a Google watermark
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Image Added

Image Added

  • Viewing Roads or Roadmaps

In New MapBrowser - by selecting Roads as your view type
In Classic MapBrowser - by selecting Roadmap as your view type
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Are the usage statistics in Self Service Portal accurate?

We regularly audit our data usage calculations, examining server logs in order to determine whether session by session, day by day, correct usage statistics are being stored and shown. It is important to note that all imagery downloaded streamed from our server to your computer contributes to data usage, not just when using the Export function.

Here is how to confirm the accuracy of Nearmap's data usage calculations in Chrome or Internet Explorer:


On a PC, press F12 to bring up the Developer Console in the lower part of the browser window. On a Mac, press Option-Command-I.

Switch to the Network tab to see a status bar on the bottom of the browser window that indicates the data transferred.

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Internet Explorer

If you are using Internet Explorer, you can also reach the developer console using F12. Click the Network tab, then click the Play button to start tracking traffic. The data received is shown on the right side of the bottom status bar.


How do I know if I'm reaching my usage limit?

Administrators can check your account usage on the Self Service Portal. Follow the instructions here: View Account Data Usage.

  • All account administrators receive a notification when your allowed data limit and/or AI parcel limit reaches 80%.
  • All account administrators receive another notification when your allowed data limit and/or AI parcel limit reaches 100%.
  • There are separate notifications each usage type: 2D Data, 3D Export, AI.