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What does not consume data?

Exporting 2D imagery

Leaving the Nearmap browser open

Panning over the world map at low resolution

Viewing AI Layers

There is no extra usage charge for viewing the AI Layers in MapBrowser. The data usage will be the same as normal data usage for viewing Vertical content.

Zooming and panning over an area that is not covered by Nearmap aerial imagery

The area you're viewing has no Nearmap coverage when:

  • a dialog at the bottom of New MapBrowser tells you there is no coverage
    Image Added

  • on New MapBrowser the imagery has a here watermark
    Image Added

  • on Classic MapBrowser the imagery has a Google watermark


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Viewing Roads or Roadmaps

In New MapBrowser - by selecting Roads as your view type from the Base Layer picker
In Classic MapBrowser - by selecting Roadmap as your view type
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Are the usage statistics in Self Service Portal accurate?

We regularly audit our data usage calculations, examining server logs in order to determine whether session by session, day by day, correct usage statistics are being stored and shown. It is important to note that all imagery streamed from our server to your computer contributes to data usage, not just when using the Export function.

How do I know if I'm reaching my usage limit?

Administrators can check your account usage on the Self Service Portal. Follow the instructions here: View Account Data Usage.




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