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It is easy to access Nearmap Vertical imagery through Google Earth® or Google Earth Pro®. All you need is an API Key and this URL:{YOUR_API_KEY}

If you haven’t created an API key yet, follow the steps in Managing API Keys.

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Setup steps

Follow these steps to set up Google Earth integration:  

  1. From the Add menu, select Network Link.
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  2. In the Network Link window, at the Name field, enter Nearmap. At the Link field, enter http{YOUR_API_KEY}

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  3. Click OK and verify that Nearmap logo appears (1) and the node with the name of the network link from Step 1 has a green dot (2).
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Will the old URL still work?

A previous version of this API used a different URL and required you to log in with user name and password.

That URL is now deprecated. Please transition to the latest version of GoogleEarth integration.

Can I use my Username and Password?


  1. Make sure your API key is valid.
  2. Check the format of the URL: here’s a format example: http

Possible legacy cookies

If Google Earth previously saved cookies, follow these steps to clear them (on Windows):

  1. Find Google Earth's cookies file on your hard drive. It is typically at "C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Google\GoogleEarth\cookies" where YOUR_USERNAME is your Windows username.

  2. Delete this file.

  3. Follow all steps of the Google Earth integration instructions above.


  1. In Google Earth, go to the Options menu.
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  2. Switch to the General tab.

  3. Anchor
    Uncheck the Save cookies to disk box and click OK.

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Issues with getting the integration to work


  1. In Google Earth select File > Server Sign Out.
  2. Select Tools > Options and on the Cache tab.
  3. Press Delete cache file.

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  4. Select File > Server Sign In or restart Google Earth.