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  • Roads Overlay - when the Roads Overlay is selected, this displays street maps over the vertical imagery.
  • Split View - easily compare imagery for a location across two different surveys.
  • Locate Me - you can now see your location on our Nearmap imagery.
  • Downloads - access the downloads screen, where you can see the status of your downloads. 
  • Help & Support - get support, access our product documentation, and give feedback.
  • Switch to MapBrowser Classic - at the same location and zoom level as you are in New MapBrowser.
  • My Account - access your account page.
  • Sign Out - sign out of Nearmap.


Above the compass you have a drop-down list that allows you to easily switch your base layer imagery.

Image RemovedImage Added

Vertical - This is the standard, fully orthorectified overhead aerial map.


Roads - The Roads shows a view of the street maps only, with no aerial imagery visible.

3D - The 3D shows you the imagery.

5) Compass

When in panorama view mode, click on any of the cardinal directions on the compass to quickly switch to a North, South, East or West Panorama for the current location.