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  • Location tool - use this tool to find information for a location on the map. Please refer to the Location Tool guide.
  • Text tool - use this tool to add text annotations to imagery in MapBrowser. Please refer to the Text Annotations section on this page. 
  • Measurement tools for vertical imagery - use these tools to measure the length of an object or path using the line tool. Measure the area of an object or space, or find the radius. Please refer to the Measurement Tools for Vertical Imagery guide.
  • Measurement tools for oblique imagery - use these tools to measure 3D lines and 3D areas tool. Please refer to the Measurement Tools for Oblique Imagery guide.
  • Height and Width tools - use these tools to measure the height of a building or object from our Oblique imagery, and measure the distance along the ground in Oblique photos. Please refer to the Height and Width Tools guide.
  • Projects tool - use this tool to create, open, and manage projects. Please refer to the Projects Tool guide.
  • Export tool - use this tool to save an image from MapBrowser or export an image to be used in other applications. Please refer to the Export guide.