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The Projects tool helps you to effectively create, manage, and save your work as individual projects in MapBrowser for a more efficient workflow. Combined with our enhanced measurement tools, it is easy to create projects, which you can revisit at any time. 

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The Projects tool is available in the New MapBrowserwith specific Nearmap subscription offerings.

Watch the MapBrowser Projects Tutorial playlist

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In addition to this document, you can view our MapBrowser: Projects - Styling Objects.


You can create, open, and manage projects easily by clicking on the Projects icon in the toolbar.

There are two ways to create a new project:


You can add a layer to a Project by selecting the + sign, then select Feature Group. Once you have added the layer you will be able to change the name by clicking on the layer name.

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You can also add a KML file as layer. Please refer to KML Import for more information.

Deleting a Layer

You can delete a layer by clicking on the bin icon next to the layer. A message will appear confirming that you want to delete the layer. Click delete to confirm or cancel.

All objects with the layer will be deleted. It is not possible to restore the layer once it has been deleted.

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Hiding and Unhiding Layers


Simply click on the icon to the right of the layer you wish to hide, and click on it again to unhide the selected layer. It is not currently possible to hide or unhide individual objects within a layer.

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Adding Objects to a Layer

To add an object to an existing layer, click on the layer that you wish to add to, so that it is highlighted, and then start drawing on the map.If you want to add existing objects to a new layer, click on the objects and then choose theAdd Selection to New Layer option from the layers menu:

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Moving an Object to Another Layer

You can move an object from one layer to another by clicking on the icon next to the object name, and dragging it to the desired layer.

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Selecting Multiple Objects


If you wish to view objects that are not visible in the current map view, highlight the layer or individual objects in the layers manager, and selectZoom to selected features from the menu. You can also double  double click on the icon next to each layer or object to bring those objects into view.Image Removed

Viewing Measurement Totals


If you want to find the total measurements for objects from different layers, hold the SHIFT key and click on the objects that you wish to aggregate.

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Projects Tool FAQs