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As part of Google’s continuing efforts to make the web more secure, in July 2018 Google Chrome is changing has changed the address bar to display“Not Secure” for pages that are running on HTTP:


We are very much in support of this initiative, and your Nearmap information is secure.

Who is affected and how?

This change does not affect the self service portal and the New MapBrowser. 

Our MapBrowser Classic runs on HTTP and as such is subject to this user interface change. The only difference is the visual . Our login pages are and always have been HTTPS, our New MapBrowser is running only on HTTPS, and all our new APIs will support only HTTPS going forward.

The Google Chrome change is only the visual indicator of "Not Secure" in the URL bar, the underlying security of MapBrowser has not changed.  no underlying changes to the information security were made. MapBrowser is as secure as it always has been.

The following URLs will show the new indicator:

Are Nearmap users’ usernames and passwords secure?

Yes. The login process happens over HTTPS, thus the credentials are protected, following username and password best practices.

Looking Forward

We are focusing our energy on the New MapBrowser and new APIs, which among other improvements, will also be running fully on HTTPS.



Information from Google: