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The Nearmap timeline add-in within ArcMap allows users to quickly and easily browse different survey dates. Users can select a new survey to display from a drop-down list of all available survey's.  Once a new date is selected ArcGIS will load the new imagery. To install this feature please follow the below instructions:

  1. Start ArcMap.

  2. Click Navigate here to open the Nearmap timeline add-in download page:

  3. Select Open in ArcMap.

  4. Open the file you downloaded, and click Install Add-in.

  5. Click Ok.

  6. In ArcMap, click the Customize menu and select Toolbars > Customize.

  7. In the list of toolbars, scroll down and locate Nearmap Toolbar. Tick the box beside it, then click Close.

  8. The Nearmap toolbar appears on your ArcMap screen. You can now drag and drop it into the rest of your ArcMap toolbars.