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The current limits imposed on the API for general customers are Query AOIs up to 1km2 and 1km2 and a limit of 20 requests per second. These may be adjusted over time. The 1km2 1km2 limit is designed to permit any reasonable individual property parcel to be requested (e.g. an airport or golf course). The easiest way to deal with larger or multipolygon areas is to break into multiple API requests.

The limit of 20 requests per second equates to about 1.7 million requests per 24-hour period. This is roughly what is achievable with a single desktop machine maxing out CPU usage with multiple parallel requests on a fast internet connection. If For large enterprise bulk requests, higher rates are required (such as large enterprise bulk requests using cloud infrastructure)may be required. If you require a rate higher than 20 requests per second, please talk to your account manager.