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Nearmap Panorama and Nearmap Oblique provide a 45-degree angle view of allow you to view a location . from multiple aspects. So rather than seeing the vertical "bird's eye view", you can also see objects from its various sides.

Accessing Panorama and Oblique imagery



Note: Location, drawing, import and solar tools are not supported for Panoramas in MapBrowser Classic, and we advise customers not to use them. In MapBrowser Classic, any elements positioned on the screen in a Panorama view may not appear, or may appear at a different location, if you switch to a different view. This is only relevant for Australian customers – for US customers Panorama imagery is only available in the New MapBrowser. We advise all customers to view Panoramas in the New MapBrowser.

Nearmap Oblique Imagery

Nearmap Oblique imagery provides a 45 degree angle view of a location. Oblique imagery differs from Panorama in that you view individual photos of an area, rather than a continuous, blended vertical imagery.

Since Nearmap Obliques are unaltered, they allow the user to measure the height and width of objects and buildings, as well as lines and areas.