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For AI parcel data your usage is measured in numbered of parcels downloaded.

What consumes data?

Consuming Nearmap imagery via an integration

  • such as WMS, ArcGIS Online, Tile API and KML (Google Super-overlay)
  • NOTE: The DSM API - consumes by transaction.

Consuming data on different Nearmap platforms.

Classic MapBrowserNew MapBrowserNearmap on OpenSolar

Zooming and panning around in 2D at zoom level 14 and above, regardless of monitor size ◊ ♣(tick)(tick)(tick)

Larger monitor size ♦ ♣(tick)(tick)(tick)

Selecting another survey date - viewing 2D imagery ♣(tick)
Selecting a date to view from the date dropdown box

Exporting 3D content


Exporting AI parcel data


Solar reports(tick)
typically less than 1MB per report