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The Projects tool helps you to effectively create, manage, and save your work as individual projects in MapBrowser for a more efficient workflow. Combined with our enhanced measurement tools, it is easy to create projects, which you can revisit at any time. Image Removed


The Projects tool is available in the New MapBrowserwith specific Nearmap subscription offerings.

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This guide includes the following sections:

Table of Contents

Watch the MapBrowser Projects Tutorial playlist


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In addition to this document, you can view our MapBrowser: Projects - Styling Objects.

The Projects tool is a new feature in MapBrowser, so look out for more improvements in the coming months.

This guide includes the following sections:



Getting Started - Using the Workspace


If you want to find the total measurements for objects from different layers, hold the SHIFT key and click on the objects that you wish to aggregate.

Projects Tool FAQs

Table of Contents

I can’t see the new Projects feature


The Projects tool is available in


the New MapBrowserwith specific Nearmap subscription offerings. You can check if you’re in the new MapBrowser by checking the URL in your browser:


You can also find more information about accessing the new MapBrowser here.

I can’t see any of my existing projects in the Projects list.

First, check if you are in the‘My Projects’ tab, and not the Archive tab. You should also check if you have internet connectivity - you will need to be online in order to retrieve and open your projects.

Can I work on myproject while offline?

It is not possible to access Nearmap imagery via MapBrowser in an offline mode. As you are working on MapBrowser in real time, Projects can only be accessed and worked on when you have an internet connection.

Is there a limit to how many projects I can have?

At this time, individual users may have an unrestricted number of projects.

How many layers can I create in a project?

At this stage, there are no limits to how many layers you can create in a project.

Will I use my data allowance when I use the Projects tool?

When you open and work within a project, you are browsing Nearmap imagery. As you pan and zoom on the map, your data allowance will be used in the same way as it is when you are viewing Nearmap imagery outside of a project.

Can I share a project with someone else?

The Projects tool is currently restricted to individual projects. It is not possible to share your project with other users.

I can’t see some of my layers or measurements on the map, or my objects disappear as soon as I draw them

First, check that the layer is not hidden. You can hide and unhide layers by clicking the‘view’ icon next to the layer name. If the layer is not hidden, select the layer, and then click‘Zoom to selected features’ in the layers menu.

How do I move an object to another layer?

You can move an individual object to an existing layer by dragging the object from one layer to another. You can easily move single or multiple objects to a new layer by highlighting the objects and selecting‘Add selected features to new layer’ from the layers menu(press Shift + Click to select multiple).

Is it possible to copy a measurement into another layer?

It is not currently possible to copy an existing measurement or annotation into another layer. You will need to create a new object or annotation inside of a new layer.

I deleted my project - can I restore it?

No. It is not possible to restore projects that have been deleted. We recommend that you keep your projects in the Archive if you are unsure if you will need them again in the future. There are no limits to how long you can store projects in the Archive.
Note that deleting a project is only possible from the Archive tab. When you click‘Delete’, you will see a message to confirm if you want to delete the project. 

I can’t see my projects on mobile

Currently Projects are only available on Desktop and Tablets.

How do I hide / unhide layers?

You can easily hide or unhide layers by clicking on the‘eye’ icon next to the layer name.

Why are height and width measurements in Obliques not saved to my project?

Height and Width measurements are not currently saved in a project view. We’re working on this and are aiming to release this soon.

What is a Workspace? How is it different to a Project?

Think of the Workspace as a blank canvas - you can search for a location, browse imagery and create measurements just as you would normally do. Everything you create in the workspace will be saved automatically, so if you happen to refresh your browser, you won’t lose your work.

Projects are individual map views with measurements and annotations that you can easily revisit at any time - think of them as individual documents. Projects can help you organise and manage your work more easily by allowing you to save information about different jobs or sites that you are working on, and need to revisit.

How can I save my Workspace as a project?

You can easily save your Workspace as a project - just click on the Projects icon in the toolbar and select‘Save as Project’ next to the highlighted Workspace.