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This guide includes the following topics:

Table of Contents

Contact Support

If the our documentation does not answer your questions, please submit your inquiry as a support request here: Submit a request.


We encourage you to subscribe to updates on our status page, so that you receive an email for all updates on production incidents and planned maintenance. To subscribe for updates, click on the Subscribe button at the top of the status page.

What Addresses Need to Pass through a Proxy Server?

If you have difficulty accessing Nearmap on your network, but not on any other networks (e.g. on a smartphone using 3G/4G data), a proxy server may be interfering with downloads or authentication. Proxy servers are usually established by an IT department to serve as a guarded gateway to the Internet.

Please ensure that the following can be accessed through the proxy server unhindered. These apply to the MapBrowser:

 For WMS, you will need to access:

Settings or Map Position are not Saved in the MapBrowser

If you find that when you open the MapBrowser, your settings have reset for: 

  • Map position

  • Zoom level

  • Survey date

  • Base map selected

  • Street and property overlays 

The cause is most likely that your browser is set to delete cookies upon closing. You can fix this by going to your browser's settings menu and changing your cookies so that they are not automatically deleted. Please see your browser's help for appropriate instructions.