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Image RemovedThe measurement tools MapBrowser Classic offers are Line, Path (Multi-line), Area, and Radius, and they can be found in the toolbar:

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This guide includes the following sections:


  • The length and bearing of the line you placed on the map are displayed in the Line measurement tool panel. These values update each time you place a new line on the map.
  • You can repeat the process as many times as you want. If you close the Line panel to resume panning and zooming, the measurement lines you placed will remain visible.
  • You can re-open the Line panel for any line you placed on the map by clicking and selecting it.
  • To reposition an existing line, simply click and drag the starting and ending control points; the measurement will update automatically.
  • To delete one measurement object, select it, then click the trash can icon.
  • To delete all measurement objects, click Clear.



The AutoTrack tool can be found in the Line, Path, and Area tools, and is also linked to from the Rail tool. It is disabled unless there is a line, path placed on the map. If a path or line is present, pressing the play button will zoom to one end of the path/shape and start panning along the length of the path.

The speed and direction of the movement can be adjusted using the corresponding controls. Movement can be paused and resumed from the same position using the pause button. If you press the stop button, when play is resumed it will begin at the start of the path.

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