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If you want to use Nearmap imagery as the basemap in a web application, and be able to pan around and zoom use zoom, use our Tile API in conjunction with our Coverage API.

Image Added

Nearmap's Tile API is designed to be accessed by an application in an automated fashion via URL requests. We recommend that you use a mapping framework designed to consume tiled maps, such as OpenLayersLeafletGoogle Maps JavaScript API, etc.

If your subscription terms permit, then you should also use the the Tile API for  for doing bulk downloading of large amounts of imagery.

Image API

If you are displaying The the easiest way to display a small amount of imagery in a web page is by using our Image API. Use it when you want to display a single property at a time, you can use our Image API, for example.

WMS Integration

Nearmap WMS integration allows users of off-the-shelf GIS and CAD, usually desktop, applications to load high-resolution imagery on demand.


WMTS (Web Map Tile Server) integration allows users of some GIS software packages, usually web-based, to download pre-rendered map tiles from Nearmap servers.