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RequiredNameAPI / queryTypeDescription


The resource type for the requested tiles. The available values are:

  • Vert - for vertical imagery
  • North - for North panorama imagery
  • South - for South panorama imagery
  • East - for East panorama imagery
  • West - for West panorama imagery

Note: the tileResourceType values are case sensitive.


The zoom level. Uses the Google Maps Tile Coordinates.

Note: the maximum zoom level is available from the Coverage API.

xAPIintegerThe X tile coordinate (column). Uses the Google Maps Tile Coordinates.

yAPIintegerThe Y tile coordinate (row). Uses the Google Maps Tile Coordinates.


The format of the tile output.

The available values are:

  • jpg - always JPEG
  • png - always PNG
  • img - JPEG by default, PNG when the tile is partial

Note that imagery is stored on Nearmap's servers as JPEG, so switching to PNG does not result in improvement in quality, however it will increase the size of the response.

apikeyquerystringYour API key. See API Key Authentication for more information.


The tertiary map to return when a Nearmap tile is not found.

The available values are:

  • none (default) - no tertiary imagery in the background
  • satellite - use our current tertiary backdrop

Note: returned tiles will always be blended with tiles from another survey. Tertiary tiles will only be blended when tertiary parameter is not 'none'.


The last day from which to retrieve the tiles (inclusive).

The two possible formats are:

  • For a specific date: YYYY-MM-DD, e.g. 2015-10-31 to retrieve imagery until this date.
  • For a relative date: xxY, xxM, or xxD, e.g. 5M to retrieve imagery until 5 months ago.


  • If specified, and imagery at that location at that date exists, the request returns the imagery.
  • If specified, and imagery at that location at that date does not exist, the request returns imagery of the next available date before the specified date.
  • If neither since nor until are specified, the request returns the latest imagery.


The mosaicking order for imagery that is requested with date filters. The mosaicking order means the order in which the surveys covering the specified area are prioritised.

The available values are:

  • latest - the imagery with the later capture date is prioritised

  • earliest - imagery with the earlier capture date is prioritised

If the mosaic parameter is not specified, the imagery with the later capture date is prioritised.

To return imagery on or after a specified date, use mosaic=earliest in combination with the since parameter.


These examples use a demo API key. Replace this API key with your own when using the Tile API.