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  1. Open QGIS and Add Raster Layer by clicking the second icon on the left hand menu, or by selecting Layer Add Layer → Add Raster Layer from the top menu:

  2. Browse and select the geocoded .tif file:

    You may need to zoom to the layer by s
    electing View Zoom to Layer.

  3. To change the band rendering from grey to colour:
    1.  Double click the DSM layer in the Layers Panel to access the Layer Properties, then select the Style properties:

    2. Under Band rendering change the Render type to Singleband pseudocolor and click Classify:

    3. Click Apply, then OK:

      The elevation values are displayed on the Layers Panel.


Will finish after I get Kevin's help:

QGIS has native view, edit and analysis features operating with raster data. Some common Raster Operations includes: