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Nearmap's Coverage API is designed to be accessed by an application in an automated fashion via URL requests. We recommend that you use a mapping framework designed to consume tiled maps, such as OpenLayersLeafletGoogle Maps JavaScript API, etc.

Rate Limit

Nearmap's Coverage API has a rate limit, meaning that there is a restriction on the number of requests that can be made against an endpoint. 

Retrieve Coverage for a Given Polygon



OK. Surveys in JSON format as shown in the example above. The surveys are returned from most recent to least recent.


Bad Request. Returned when the request is invalid. This means either the format is wrong, or a value is out of range.


Unauthorized. Returned when the API key is invalid.

403Forbidden. Returned when not allowed to access the requested location.
404Not Found. Returned when cannot find any surveys for the requested condition.
429Too Many Requests. Returned when the rate limit is reached.
5XXServer Error. Returned when something is wrong in the server side.