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  1. Log in to Nearmap at as a user who is a Nearmap administrator.

  2. Click the API Access tab at the top of the screen. If you do not see that tab, it is likely that you are not a Nearmap administrator.

  3. Click the Create New button.

  4. Enter an Application Name. This can be any string of characters. A good name would describe the integration that you intend to have with Nearmap imagery.

  5. You can optionally specify restrictions on which IP addresses or web sites can load Nearmap imagery via an API Key associated with this API Application:

    • IP restrictions: only IP addresses in the ranges you specify will be able to load Nearmap imagery. CIDR addresses are accepted. For example,
      There is a character limit of 1 to 100 characters for our API restriction.

    • Referrer restrictions: only web pages that have been downloaded from one of the web addresses you specify will be able to load Nearmap imagery. This is based on web browser support for the HTTP referrer header field. A referrer address can contain sub-directories. For example,

      Access is allowed when one of the specified referrer prefixes matches the beginning of the URL that is shown in the web browser.

      The API Referrer Restriction do not automatically include an https or http suffix to the restriction, you will need to specifically include the full URL.

    If the purpose of these restrictions is not clear to you, we recommend that you do not enter any restrictions.

  6. Click the Save button.