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Access to Nearmap imagery is only available to authenticated subscribers. Tiles may be requested from Nearmap servers with an API Key. Please refer to the API Key Authentication guide for details on how to obtain and use an API Key.




The survey ID in the format of UUID. Only tiles of the specified survey will be returned. You can use the ID from the survey object returned by the Coverage API.


The content type for the requested tiles. The available values are:

  • Vert - for vertical imagery
  • North - for North panorama imagery
  • South - for South panorama imagery
  • East - for East panorama imagery
  • West - for West panorama imagery

zintegerThe zoom level. The highest resolution is typically 21. Uses the Google XYZ scheme.

xintegerThe X tile coordinate (column). Uses the Google XYZ scheme.

yintegerThe Y tile coordinate (row). Uses the Google XYZ scheme.

formatstringThe format of the tile output. The available values are : png, jpg, img.

apikeystringYour API key. See API Key Authentication for more information.