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Our aim is to help you to help yourself.

That's why we've created the Knowledge Hub.

Introducing the Knowledge Hub

Welcome to the Knowledge Hub – a space where you can access all sorts of useful information about our products to help you make the most of your Nearmap subscription.
When it comes to using Nearmap products, there are several ways we can help – whether it’s how-to instructions via article or video, technical specifications, or a deeper dive blog article – you can find all this and more in the Knowledge Hub.

Accessing the Knowledge Hub

The Knowledge Hub has replaced our old docs site at the same URL:

There’s no login. All the information is there and accessible on the four most popular browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari.

While your best experience is via a laptop or desktop, you can also access the Knowledge Hub from your mobile device. (Note that the site is not accessible via the Confluence mobile app).

Finding information

Once in the Knowledge Hub, you can find your way to any content by simply using the top navigation menu, or the links on the footer.

Advanced search

If you’re looking for something specific, we suggest you try the powerful advanced search. You’ll find this at the top right of every page in the Knowledge Hub.

Quick search

In addition there’s a quick search bar on the home page (see left below).

What's in the Knowledge Hub?

On the home page, you’ll find:

  • Links to key content. This takes you to the Product Documentation articles
  • Product news and announcements
  • Links to key getting started guides 
  • The latest technical blogs
  • Plus links to useful tools and information, such as our interactive coverage maps [show], Nearmap YouTube, Nearmap website, System status and more…

Product documentation 

You access the product documentation from the top navigation (under How-to) or footer, or you can click on one of the key areas on the Knowledge Hub home page
Product documentation content is now organised into six main categories: 

  • Account Administration
  • MapBrowser
  • Integrations
  • Nearmap on OpenSolar
  • Nearmap Content
  • Troubleshooting

And on the landing page for each of those areas you’ll see a greater offering of related information, such as user blogs, videos and troubleshooting
Don’t worry, all the original docs content is still there, and most of the page URLs are unchanged. But if you have bookmarked pages that you use regularly, please check that it still works. If it doesn’t, just search for the topic in the search bar and re-save your bookmark. 


If your learning style is more dynamic and visual, we have a growing suite of Knowledge Hub videos you can dive into. You’ll find the videos under how tos - videos, where you can view by topic, or by video type.

Technical blogs

Written by Nearmap product and industry experts, our technical blogs offer you deeper insights into our products, more specific how-tos, background geospatial concepts and much more.

We’ve given you two different ways to access the blog articles :

  • by product
  • by industry

You can share a blog post using the social media buttons at the bottom of each post.

Getting Started Series

If you’re new to Nearmap, or you’ve added a new Nearmap product to your subscription, you’ll now be invited to follow one of our Getting Started guides.
We have a suite of getting started content, organised so you can learn what you need to learn, and dive deeper if you want.

What’s new?

Would you like to know what’s new with Nearmap products? The latest product news appears on the Knowledge Hub home page. Updates can be anything from entire product releases, to new features, and bug fixes.

Getting Support

Sometimes you need a Nearmap expert to solve your specific issue. Our friendly support team is here to help you out of a sticky situation.

Simply submit a support request by selecting REQUEST SUPPORT from the USEFUL LINKS on the top navigation bar:

Or by clicking the SUBMIT A SUPPORT REQUEST button in the footer:

Our support hours are:

 9am - 5pm AEDT

 9am - 5pm MST

People of Support

"I love that I can channel my passion for solar to help customers build and grow their solar business."

Ussama Kirmani,
Support Specialist, Sydney

"In Nearmap support I learn something new every day. Keeps me on my toes."

Daniel Finley,
Technical Support Engineer, Utah

"There is nothing more satisfying than solving a tricky customer issue."

Brendan Shanahan,
Support Manager, Sydney

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to the Knowledge Hub?

The Knowledge Hub URL is the same as the existing docs URL:

I've bookmarked docs pages, will those bookmarks still work?

Yes. 99% of page names and locations have not changed. If your bookmark doesn't work, or automatically redirect you to the right page, use one of the searches described in the Finding Information section.

Can I watch or subscribe to pages?

Unfortunately at this point we can't provide watching or subscribing. We do encourage you to bookmark favourite pages.