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Welcome to a brighter solar platform

Congratulations — you’ve just equipped your team with a powerful solar design & proposal tool that will help you win more customers and streamline costs. Let’s get started by introducing you to the four main parts of the OpenSolar platform. 

Let’s get started!

  1. First things first
  2. Introducing OpenSolar
  3. The Basics
  4. Become an Expert

First things first

Have you logged into your new Nearmap on OpenSolar account? 

Whether you are new to OpenSolar or you already have an OpenSolar account, logging into Nearmap on OpenSolar only takes a few minutes. 
*Make sure your Nearmap on OpenSolar subscription is activated.

Read more:

page First Time Log into Nearmap on OpenSolar

If you have an existing OpenSolar Account and want to upgrade to Nearmap on OpenSolar:

page Upgrade to Nearmap on OpenSolar  

Introducing OpenSolar

Meet Projects

Track your projects, contact customers with a click, and update electricity usage. 

Learn how to start your first project:

page OpenSolar – Projects Zone (Open Solar site)

Meet Studio

Size up your customer’s roof and create a professional design in minutes. 

Learn how to create your first design:

page Nearmap on OpenSolar Full Design

Meet MyEnergy

Beautifully showcase your design in a digital proposal with multiple configuration and hardware options. (And gorgeous imagery, but you knew that.)

Learn about the interactive proposal:

page Nearmap on OpenSolar – My Energy (OpenSolar site)

Meet Control

Choose your utility, design, and financial preferences, and customise templates so your brand shines. 

Learn how to configure your preferences:

page Nearmap on OpenSolar – Control Zone (OpenSolar site)

The Basics

Ready to tackle your first roof? Our basic design tutorial will walk you through the core tools in Studio so you can build your first proposal in no time. Next, our imagery tutorial will show you how to select and add Nearmap Vertical and Oblique imagery to your OpenSolar design.

See how you can build your first proposal in 5 minutes

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page Nearmap on OpenSolar Basic Design

Choose the right imagery for the job

Become an Expert

So you’ve mastered the basics. Don’t worry — we’ve got plenty more to get you to Nearmap on OpenSolar guru level. Want to know how to build a 3D roof model with Obliques? Watch our tutorial below. Need to customise the platform to reflect your preferences and brand? Discover the nuances of the Control zone.

Use Nearmap Oblique imagery in Nearmap on OpenSolar

Building a roof 3D model with Nearmap Oblique

Read more:

page Oblique Imagery in Nearmap on OpenSolarNearmap on OpenSolar

Manage your account

Manage your team, company details, and preferences

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page Oblique Imagery in Nearmap on OpenSolar (OpenSolar site)

Got more questions? We've got answers

Need a deeper dive: Work through our series: Get Up and Running with Nearmap on OpenSolar

We want you to feel at home with your new Nearmap on OpenSolar subscription. Explore this Knowledge Hub for quick answers or more in-depth technical articles. Or, check out our partner product docs on the OpenSolar Help Centre. You can also schedule some face time with your customer success manager. We’re here to help — don’t be shy!