WMS 2.0 gives you more control

WMS 2.0 allows you to tailor Nearmap content with the flexibility of enterprise GIS in just a few mouse clicks. With access to enhanced usability and improved accuracy, you’ll be able to navigate our full list of surveys to plug high resolution imagery straight into your workflows.

  • Improved positional accuracy and projections - Supporting more coordinate systems (including GDA 2020 and NAD83) and all local state plane projections, so you can configure your WMS connection before you plug and play.

  • More control over what you want to see - Nearmap WMS 2.0 enables you to configure the exact Nearmap content you need, with more precision and control. Draw a polygon around your area of interest and set the survey date range for a Custom WMS. Or, just configure a Simple WMS to access our most recent aerial imagery.

Custom WMS

Custom WMS allow s you to perform geofencing to set up specified regions as the only imagery you can view. For those regions, you’ll be able to choose your preferred survey dates and set boundaries to pull data from between two survey dates . It’s simple just draw a polygon around your precise area of interest to view exactly what you want, no more, no less.

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Simple WMS

You should only use Simple WMS  if you want only the latest imagery for your area of interest. You will not be able to perform geofencing or navigate through survey dates . It’s easy to set up by just copying the WMS URL from MyAccount.

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