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Nearmap Vertical, our flagship high resolution top-down imagery, is included in most Nearmap subscriptions. With far higher resolution than satellite imagery and greater coverage than drone maps, Nearmap Vertical is an ideal place to get started with virtual site visits

Nearmap Vertical imagery is made up of individual photos that are taken from survey flights. Each image is corrected to remove distortions and phenomena such as cloud and smoke, then stitched together into a mosaic, allowing you seamless panning and zooming throughout the areas of your subscription coverage.

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  1. Extensive geographic and historical capture – we've got you covered

  2. Using Nearmap Vertical in MapBrowser
  3. Using Nearmap Vertical in your own applications

Extensive geographic and historical capture – we've got you covered

As of February 2020, our Vertical imagery covered key urban and rural areas in North America, Australia, and New Zealand.

The table below gives an overview of our coverage statistics.

number of urban areas% populationarea covered



446,000 km2

US43071%330,000 sq mi
New Zealand


75%18,890 km2



42,000 km2

When and where do we fly?

You can use our interactive map to see locations currently covered by Nearmap, as well as the number of planned captures per year for those locations.

Using Nearmap Vertical in MapBrowser

MapBrowser is Nearmap’s web-based map app. In MapBrowser you can explore locations, view road and terrain overlays, and navigate through historical content. You can also measure, annotate, and save your work using the Projects feature.


Using Nearmap Vertical in your own applications

If you prefer to work with your own GIS, CAD, or other workflow application, then integrating Nearmap Vertical content is the way to go. There are several options at your disposal:

Exporting from MapBrowser

You can easily export georeferenced Vertical content from MapBrowser, which you can then import into your preferred workflow application.

WMS 2.0 and APIs

If you’re looking to consume Nearmap Vertical content on-demand within your application, you can use Nearmap WMS 2.0. 
For more bespoke integration solutions, you could try our APIs.

ArcGIS Markeplace

Nearmap is one of Esri’s Gold Partner and you can find our Vertical imagery as part of the Esri ArcGIS marketplace offering. You need to be subscribed to this content, so if you think this content is for you, you can either sign up via the ArcGIS marketplace, or get in touch with your Nearmap account manager.


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