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Welcome! We’re excited to have you on board. Nearmap gives you a convenient way to access reality from the comfort of your office through our range of high resolution location content — from vertical, oblique, and panorama, to 3D and AI datasets. Updated a few times a year, all historical captures are timestamped and maintained for easy change detection and analysis across a wide range of use cases.

A Nearmap subscription means you have access to the most current imagery so you can confidently derive insights and make decisions about the world — providing significant cost and time savings through virtual site visits. Quickly jump to your location of interest, measure accurately, and export imagery to use in your workflows: The power of high resolution aerial imagery is yours in a few short clicks. 

Let’s get started!

  1. Explore the different types of Nearmap content
  2. Learn three key ways to access Nearmap

Three ways to access Nearmap content

We understand that every business is unique. That’s why our products are designed to give you an easy, seamless experience. Whether you’re an advanced GIS user or someone with less technical know-how, we’ve got three simple ways to plug current and historical Nearmap content into your workflows.

  • MapBrowser - MapBrowser is a simple, intuitive web application that allows you to view, measure, and export imagery and data from your desktop or tablet. You can also export imagery, 3D and AI content to import into your GIS or CAD application.

  • WMS 2.0 - Nearmap works with a range of GIS and CAD solutions, enabling you to stream high resolution imagery directly into your application.

  • Esri ArcGIS Marketplace - If you have an ArcGIS Online account, you can request access to Nearmap imagery via our ArcGIS Online Marketplace item.

We also have a range of APIs available for advance users; please visit our documentation on APIs for more information.

Multiple perspectives at your fingertips

At Nearmap, we regularly capture urban and regional areas across Australia, the United States, New Zealand and Canada multiple times a year, both leaf-on and leaf-off. All imagery is timestamped and delivered to you via the cloud in just a few daysso you can confidently make decisions with the context of the latest reality. 

Below is a quick overview of the high resolution content available through Nearmap.

Ready to learn more?


MapBrowser is a simple, intuitive web application that allows you to view and measure imagery from your desktop or tablet. 

You can also export georeferenced vertical, 3D, and AI content from MapBrowser to import into your GIS or CAD application.



Nearmap works with a range of GIS and CAD solutions, enabling instant access to high resolution vertical content within the application.

Find out more about how to stream Nearmap content into your favourite GIS or CAD software via WMS 2.0, imported imagery, and APIs.


Nearmap Content

Nearmap is committed to providing you with the convenience of accessing a range of high resolution content that you can trust to make business decisions from your desk. 

Take a deep dive into the different Nearmap content types here — from Vertical, Oblique, 3D and Nearmap AI.