Invite users to Nearmap

Significantly improve your workflow and collaboration by empowering your team with great imagery and virtual inspection tools .  One of the first steps in setting up your Nearmap account is inviting users! slightly smiling face  

To invite users to your Nearmap account, you’ll need to go to MyAccount, enter their email address , and configure their access and permissions. The invited user is then emailed an invite that they need to accept or decline. 

If your organisation is subscribed to Nearmap 3D Export Pro or Nearmap AI, you may need to configure permissions for specific users so they can export content from MapBrowser as well.

As an account administrator, you can also check your Nearmap usage at any time. You can do this in MyAccount under the Usage tab, where you’ll be able to see your monthly and yearly usage to date. You can also see the usage of all your Nearmap users and download the data into a .CSV file. So handy !


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So you're new to Nearmap!

Welcome ! We’re excited to have you on board. Nearmap gives your business a convenient way to access reality from the comfort of your office through our range of high resolution location content — from vertical, oblique, and panorama, to 3D and AI datasets. Our content is updated a few times a year, with all content timestamped and maintained for easy change detection and analysis across a wide range of use cases.

A Nearmap subscription means your team has access to the most current imagery to confidently derive insights and make decisions about the world — providing significant time and cost savings through virtual site visits. As a Nearmap administrator, you have the power to invite and manage users, set up integrations, and monitor account usage.

Let’s get started!

  1. Invite team members to Nearmap 
  2. Learn the three ways to access Nearmap

The many ways to access Nearmap content

We understand that every business is unique. That’s why our products are designed to give you and your users an easy, seamless experience. Whether you’re an advanced GIS user or someone with less technical know-how, we’ve got four simple ways to plug current and historical Nearmap content into your workflows.


MapBrowser is a simple, intuitive web application that allows you to view and measure imagery from a desktop or tablet. You can export georeferenced vertical, 3D, and AI content to integrate into your GIS or CAD application, too. All users with a Nearmap license are granted access to MapBrowser by default.


WMS 2.0

Nearmap works with a range of GIS and CAD solutions, enabling your users to stream high resolution vertical imagery directly into their application. To enable this form of integration, you’ll first need to setup the API application in MyAccount.



Nearmap has a range of imagery and other content APIs available for use in your bespoke applications and GIS solutions. Developing software with Nearmap content has never been easier.


Esri ArcGIS Marketplace

Users can either stream vertical imagery inside ArcGIS Online, or add imagery to other ArcGIS products. This is a simple, effective integration method for users who rely heavily on the ArcGIS platform and other Esri cloud-based solutions.

document ArcGIS Marketplace Integration

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