What is Nearmap ImpactResponse?

Nearmap has captured post-catastrophe imagery of some of the most devastating natural disasters of the past decade in Australia. Having rapid access to this type of imagery is important to speed response and recovery efforts, which is why we have launched the Australian Post-Catastrophe program.

Customers who purchase the Nearmap ImpactResponse product as part of their subscription will receive exclusive access to new post-catastrophe surveys for a limited period once the surveys have been published.

The Nearmap Post-Catastrophe program aims to cover every major natural disaster that has a significant impact on property, infrastructure, agriculture and communities in Australia.

Post-Catastrophe surveys are captured as high-resolution Vertical imagery and made available to Nearmap subscribers through MapBrowser, WMS and Tile APIs.

What types of events does the program cover?

The Nearmap Post-Catastrophe program captures major natural disasters which have a significant impact on areas where customer interests are affected, including bushfire, cyclone, hail, earthquake, and flood events.

Learn More about event types and capture criteria.

Who is it for?

The Post-Catastrophe program is designed to help insurance companies, government agencies, utilities and relief organisations respond quickly in the aftermath of disastrous natural events.

Customers who have purchased the Nearmap ImpactResponse product receive exclusive access to the content for 30 days after a new survey is published, after which the imagery is viewable by all customers with a valid Australian Nearmap subscription.

May 2022 Update: As part of a product change, ImpactResponse content will only be available to customers with an active ImpactResponse subscription.

How can I get access to the program?

To access the Australian post-catastrophe imagery, you'll need to have a valid Australian Vertical subscription with the Nearmap ImpactResponse product add-on. 

Links to recent events

Already a Nearmap subscriber? View recent post-catastrophe events using the MapBrowser links below:

Woorooloo Fires, WA February 2021

Richmond & Windsor Floods, NSW March 2021

Port Macquarie Floods, NSW March 2021

Cyclone Seroja, WA April 2021

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